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When buying blood pressure monitor you need to know the various type in the market. These will devices help you take note of your blood pressure. It gives you information on your pressure changes. This tool is valuable in tracking your condition by detecting both diastolic and systolic pressure.

Various types of blood pressure monitor

Digital monitorsdigitalbloodpresureasfdghjkodps

These blood pressure monitors are automatic and are available in arm cuffs and wrist. Digital monitors that are arm cuff are more accurate than their wrist counterparts. They have a screen for displaying results and most of them come with just a single button their only disadvantage is that they are expensive. Moreover, at times they will not give the accurate results especially when the cuff is not accurately wrapped.

Finger monitor type

With the advancement in technology, today there is the finger monitor which is ideal for people who measure their blood pressure regularly. You only need to put your index finger in the cuff. The cuff then inflates automatically, and the LCD shows the result. They are preferred because they are light in weight and portable. For this reason, most people use them even though they know they are not as effective as arm monitors. You also do not have to roll up your sleeves when using this type of blood pressure monitor.

Pediatric monitor

A pediatric monitor usually comes with a small cuff and an LCD. It helps to keep your child entertained while being diagnosed and treated. It is useful in screening hypertension in children. This monitor type is helpful today since as children grow, the risk of having high blood pressure will also increase.

Wrist monitor

This type of blood pressure monitor is preferable when you have arthritis or a fracture in your hand. They are sensitive to your position as well as body temperature hence are likely to give. They are also very expensive. These monitors come with a small LCD, storage, and a cuff. Other have a pulse monitor. Wrist monitors are nowadays improved and look like watches. This makes them comfortable taking down the blood pressure.

Aneroid type

This blood pressure monitorbloodpressurevsbdnfmgsgdhfgjhkgfdmonitor has an arm cuff, a stethoscope, a squeeze bulb used for inflation and a medical gauge that takes down pressure. It is best for accurate readings. However, these blood pressure monitors have one limitation which is that than digital types.

When buying blood pressure monitor, you can choose from this list one that is suitable to suit your needs.