All You Need to Know About Smart Manufacturing

smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing is a confusing concept for many people. This is probably because there is no one way to define it. It is a combination of many things and technology. Just like the name suggests, smart manufacturing is about reducing human intervention in most of the manufacturing processes.

When implemented in the right way, it can save time and even make manufacturing more efficient. However, it takes time and research to implement smart manufacturing and manufacturing analytics in any industry. Here are some of the things that you need to know about intelligent manufacturing:

Data drives it

When people hear about smart manufacturing, the first thing that comes to mind is machinery. However, that is not all it takes for intelligent manufacturing. There is a lot of data that comes behind the manufacturing process. The role of data is to help manufacturers what to do and when to do it.

This data comes from third parties and is directed to the manufacturers. For instance, the manufacturer has to produce or manufacturer based on customer needs and demands. It is about being proactive rather than reactive in manufacturing.


Industrial Internet of Things

You have probably heard about the internet of things where everything is connected. However, when it comes to manufacturing, we now have an industrial internet of things. In this concept, the machinery and processes are interconnected to one another.

One action prompts another action, and the cycle continues. In a case where machines and processes are interconnected, you do not have to intervene or respond to anything.

Use of Robotics

The use of robots does not just happen in movies. Robotic technology is alive and especially in the manufacturing industry. In manufacturing, robots do not have to be complicated or do anything strange like talking.

We now have robots that can be used to perform small tasks like stacking boxes. Today we have robots that can be used for almost all types of jobs. It is all about choosing the robotics based on the tasks you want them to perform.


Artificial Intelligence

We cannot talk about smart manufacturing without talking about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has come a long way and is now the main component in manufacturing. This involves the use of data to make predictions.

These predictions can be used in making important marketing decisions. For instance, we have the use of artificial intelligence in predicting customer behavior.