How to Make Profits from the Worldwide Trend of Marijuana Legalization

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Marijuana legalization has hit the world in the past decades. Spain, the Netherlands, Jamaica, and the Czech Republic pioneered the public consumption of marijuana. However, contrary to the popular myth, smoking marijuana in the Netherlands is not entirely legal. Smokers are only allowed to enjoy their hash in the designated cafes.

When we discuss the policies that are pro to marijuana use, then California was the one who opened a public market for the plant in 2018. Following that decision was Canada. With the Liberal Party in charge of the country, the idea of smoking pot for recreational purposes did not meet any significant challenges. Besides science has proven that marijuana legalization will bring more benefits to the country than if it is criminalized. In the future, we can safely conclude that there will be more countries following the steps of Canada, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Then, what does it mean for you? It certainly means business! If you can get involved in the tidal wave of the marijuana industry, you can make a name for yourself! And here is a guide for you!

Learning the Varieties of Marijuana Products

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In the old days, smoking pot as if it were tobacco was the only practical option. Using bongs was the other alternative, but only a few could afford such a luxury. Nowadays, people have more choices, namely vaping, eating edibles, taking a tincture drop, smoking through a water pipe/hookah, swallowing ingestible pills, and applying cannabis cream topically. If you want to be a grower, you’ll have many target markets!


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Cannabis strains are many, and there are even hybrids. However, you can simplify things up by learning the difference between THC and CBD. THC is the substance with psychoactive properties, while CBD is more of a healing compound. The latter can treat inflammation, relieve pain, and improve the immune system. Different strains will have different THC and CBD compositions. And here is where you can give your signature.

Update Your Knowledge from Trustworthy Online Sources

If you are a geeky person, you may think that books will be your best bet to start learning about growing weed. The truth is that no books can compare the massive scale of information available on the Internet. Besides, the knowledge you gain from reading a book might be outdated. However, it is also true to argue that not all sources are trustworthy. Therefore, we’ve made a list for you:

  • Grow Weed Easy
  • High Times
  • Weeds That Please
  • Dutch Passion Seed Company
  • Leafly
  • 420 Beginner
  • Sensi Seeds

Get Quality Grower Equipment

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Since extraction will be a necessary skill to master, you must be ready to spend some money on quality equipment. You can look for a hemp processing machine for sale online, but make sure the distributor is reputable and qualified enough. You need to be aware of the fact that the quality of your extract depends highly on your machine.

Ways to Increase Employee’s Happiness

As a business owner, you’re more likely to realize how employees are an asset to your company because without any employee there’s no way that you can run the business on your own, right? So, of course, you wanted a win-win solution for your employee’s happiness and your company’s productivity as well. Failure in making your employees happy or comfortable might cause high turnover in the company and perhaps a drop in sales or productivity depending on what industry your business is. In this article we’re going to list simple ways to increase the happiness of your employees, so make sure to read this article to know more about it.

Recognize Your Team

workWhen you’re a kid, you probably got some chores from your parents to either clean up your room or to take out the trash. Even though your parents don’t pay you for doing it, they probably praise you for doing so, and you feel happy when they praise you, right? The same goes to your employees, recognition, and rewards are one of the simplest ways to make your employee happy, especially when they surpassed their KPI. To make this much easier consider getting an employee experience platform where you can quickly engage with your employees and also getting feedback from them as well.

Listen To Their Opinions

There’s not a single person in this world that likes to be ignored, the same goes to your employees. Listen to what they have to say, be it on a project, or on how the company operates. For example, sometimes the content team can also collaborate with the production team to make things much entertaining, this will also make work less boring for them. You don’t have to agree with all of their opinions or requests, but the effort to listen will make them happy and will make you a good leader.


coffeeIf your office only has a water dispenser, it might be a good idea to invest a bit of cash on some facilities that might make your employees happy. Having a microwave might be a great idea as some employees can re-heat their lunch. Or perhaps having a coffee maker and a snack bar is an excellent investment as well, because some people can’t work without drinking their cup of coffee in the morning. Yes, all of these appliances will cost you some money, but if it results in an increase in productivity in your company, why not?